Next Nature Evoluon

Reopening of a Future Museum, 2022-2028

New Evoluon - Training the crew for Spaceship Earth

Build in 1966 as one of the first large scale science museums, closed for the general public since 1989. We are now closer than ever of making this UFO-shaped monument again accessible for anyone. A wondrous place for young and old, where we learn to love the future again. And become better crew-members for Spaceship Earth.

My idea for the public program is simple: The Evoluon resembles a spaceship. But Earth is our mothership. There are no passengers on spaceship Earth, we are all crew. Therefore, the Evoluon must be a docked training ship to train and encourage astronauts on the spaceship Earth to work together as a harmonious crew for the future of our planet.


In collaboration with the unique Eindhoven ecosystem of technology and design, we hope to reopen the Evoluon for the general audience. It will be a future lab for the wonderful world of technology, the ingenuity and creativity of design and innovation, about people and society that are increasingly merged with technology.

The “spaceship Earth” spirit encourages everyone on Earth to work together as a harmonious crew. This is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It also fits the original intention behind the Evoluon to take people along in the evolutionary future of technology. The reopened Evoluon tells an origin story about the evolution of technology on earth and the place of humanity in it.