Hoe Echt Is Echt?

VPRO Tegenlicht, TV Documentary

More and more we want everything to be as real as possible. Food should be pure and from the countryside, physical contact is more important than virtual, Facebook contact and even computer games are lifelike, because they have to look like our own lives. But we aren’t we fooling ourselves with this desire? For what to us is really “real”? The fact is that ‘fake’ and ‘real’ are becoming increasingly intertwined. But is that bad?

Dutch television program VPRO Tegenlicht examines how real “really is. With Koert van Mensvoort from Next Nature Network, but also goes virtual in therapy in the army, visits the motion capture studios of Next Media News in Taiwan and studying digital paintings by Johannes Vermeer.


Director: Bregtje van der Haak Research: Chris Vijn Production: Marie Schutgens Editor: Henneke Hagen Frank Wiering